Venetian Paintings

Several years ago I began painting a series of Venetian architectural paintings and tri-folding screens. I have always felt a strong connection to Venice, even as a child, and have been very fortunate to have been able to spend time there many times over the past decades.

As it was in the time of the great Venetian painters, Canaletto, Guardi, Tintoretto and Titian, the city has not changed. If they were to return today, they would find the city in its essentials, the city that they had known and loved. The differences are not architectural. It is the Venetians who have changed…and their way of life. Venice is a city of pedestrians, with the water their only medium of mechanized transportation. The gondola still traverse the canals but today we also have the vaporetti, the fast motor driven water buses.

It is practically impossible to paint a scenic painting of Venice without the water, but I have managed to paint several paintings of the many alley ways that are an integral part of the entire web that makes this intriguing city so alluring.

I hope that my paintings of Venice will give a glimpse of the beauty and romance of this magical city.

All paintings are oil on canvas. All paintings are copyrighted .

The Lover:

72″ X 36″ (183cm X 91cm)


The Beloved:

72″ X 36″ (183cm X 91cm)

Price available upon request

Calle Paradiso:

36″ X 60″ ( 152cm X 92cm)


Venice Side Street:

36″ X 28″ (91cm X71 cm)