About Artist

Madeleine McKay was born in Dublin, Ireland where she first studied painting. And subsequently In London, she continued her studies in painting at Blake College. Later, she studied under Snowden Hodges, at the University of Hawaii/Windward. University of Hawaii/Manoa.

In 2005 she attended Atelier Hawaii, established in 2002 by Snowden Hodges. It is an intensive program where students are immersed eight hours a day for six week, in the study of classical realism, learning the time-honored techniques of drawing and painting in the style of the Old Masters.


Her work can be purchased from her website madeleinemckay.com.

McKay employs chiaroscuro and dramatic color to underscore the emotions of romantic realism portrayed in her work. Her technique recalls the paintings of the Old Masters, while her subject matter reflects her views today.

Her tri-folding mahogany screens stand between painting and sculpture. They are interior architecture, a dimension that implies monolithic weight.

McKay has exhibited in Dublin, London, Los Angeles, and Honolulu in solo exhibitions and her work has been featured in many juried and group exhibitions, among them: The Honolulu Academy of Arts, Artists of Hawaii exhibitions, The Hawaii State Art Museum and The Japanese Chamber of Commerce annual juried exhibitions.

She was awarded the State Foundation On Culture and the Arts Acquisition Award for her painting, “The Front Door” at the Artists of Hawaii exhibition at the Honolulu academy of Arts. This painting is currently on view at the Hawaii State Foundation Museum, Honolulu.

She received the Yomiuri, America, Outstanding Award, for her painting, “News Of The World” 

 She received an award, for her painting “Paw Paw” at the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, annual “Commitment to Excellence” exhibit, 2003.

Her paintings are in private public and corporate collections throughout the world including:  Argentina, Ireland, England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Tokyo, Germany, Thailand and throughout America: Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Palm Beach, Dallas, and in several important private collections including:  H.R.H. King Sharafuddin, Idris Shah, Sultan of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Security Diamond Jeweler; Bank of Hawaii, Honolulu Hawaii; World Executive Trading, Paris: Daiko Inc. and Nippon Kudo Corporation, Japan: The Law Offices of:  Bronster, Fujichaku, Robbins, Honolulu.